Top Data Science in USA: Ranking, Courses, Fees, Scholarships and Jobs (2023)

With over 60 top Data Science colleges in USA, students are offeredbachelor, master and doctoral courses andtaught to analyze, manage and interpret huge amounts of data with a diverse array of applications. Data Science is an interdisciplinary subject that stands on the pillars of mathematics, computer science and statistics.

  • Over 40 topUS universities feature among the world’s top 100 universities in QS & Times Higher Education World University Rankings of 2022. Several Data Science colleges in USA offer internships while pursuing the undergraduate course. There were openings at well-known companies like Uber, Amazon, Facebook, etc.
  • Data Science jobs in USA are the most demanded and most paid jobs. Data Scientist jobs have been ranked 1 by Glassdoor for three consecutive years, 2017-20. According to IBM’s Analytics Department,job openings for data scientists and similar advanced analytics roles will reach 61,799 in coming years. It is almost 2% of the projected demand across all roles requiring data analytics skills.
  • The average base salary of a data scientist in the USA is 124,283 USD per year. This is a very good return on your investment of an average of 100,000 USD which an international student studying in USA spends on tuition fees.
  • The salaries also differ from city to city. San Francisco and New York are the highest paying cities for data scientists in USA.
Top Data Science in USA: Ranking, Courses, Fees, Scholarships and Jobs (1)

Best Data Science Colleges in USA

There are around 60 colleges for data science in USA. It is a more popular degree in Masters than in Bachelor or Ph.D. There are very few colleges offering data science as a major at the undergraduate level. Here are some of the top colleges in the USA which offer a data science program:

UniversityQS Global Rankings 2022Courses Offered
MIT1BSc in Data Science, Economics, Statistics, Pre Master in Data Science, Master in Data Analytics
Harvard University5MSc in Data Science, MSc in Health Data Science
Columbia University19Bachelor in Data Science, Master in Data Science
Johns Hopkins University25MSc in Data Science
Northwestern University30MSc in Data Science, MSc in Analytics

Data Science Colleges in USA: Specializations and Degree Types

Data Science is an interdisciplinary subject that has developed in recent years as an advancement in the analytics field. It is a subject combination of statistics, computer science and mathematics.

Here are some of the specializations the data science colleges in USA provide:

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  • Data Science
  • Data analysis
  • Machine learning
  • Data mining
  • Big Data Analysis
  • Data Systems and Processing
  • Deep Learning
  • Computing in Python
  • Business Analytics

Degrees available at Data Science Colleges in USA

If you want to study data science in the USA, degrees are offered at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels.

  • Undergraduate: At the graduate level, data science is offered as a major and minor subject. An international student can pursue a major in some other subject and complete his degree with a minor in data science.
  • Graduate: At the graduate level, it is given as a Master in Science (MS).MS in Data Science, MS in Analytics, MS in Statistics-Data Science
  • Postgraduate: An International can pursue a Ph.D. in Data Science. There are also degrees specialized in the related fields in data science, like Ph.D. in Data Analytics, Ph.D. in Machine learning, Ph.D. in Big Data.

Data Science Colleges in USA:Undergraduate Programs

Though less popular than a MS in Data Science in USA, a bachelor’s degree with a major in data science is offered by some of the colleges. International students can also pursue a Bachelors in Computer Science, Mathematics, Economics, Statistics and then go for a master’s in Data Science. Students also take these subjects as major and complete their degrees with data science as a minor. Some of the colleges offering bachelors in data science are:

UniversityCourse OfferedFees (in USD)Duration
MITBSc in Data Science, Economics, Statistics219,3284 years
Columbia UniversityBachelor in Data Science244,2604 years
California Institute of TechnologyBachelor in Information and data sciences241,8884 years

Data Science Colleges in USA: Admission Requirements for Bachelors

Given below is the list of the academic and language requirements usually demanded by the universities providing data science in USA.

  • Have Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry in high school course.
  • SAT/ACT scores ( SAT mathematics score 760)
  • Secondary school report filed by the school authorities.
  • English Language proficiency test scores. (IELTS - a minimum band of 6, TOEFL- minimum score of 100)

Documents Required

  • Official Transcripts.
  • Scores of Entrance tests required for pursuing a bachelor in data science in USA (SAT/ACT scores, IELTS, TOEFL scores)
  • Statement of Purpose for studying in USA (SOP)
  • Evaluation from a math teacher and one from social sciences teacher in High school
  • Funding papers. ( If you have opted for any scholarships or loans or any kind of financial funding support)

Data Science Colleges in USA: Fees for Bachelors

The fees for various data science colleges in USA depend on what major or minor you are taking, how much credit program it is. State schools offer cost-friendly opportunities for students looking for a bit budget-friendly study abroad destination. The average fees are 26,000 - 50,000 USD per annum.

Data Science Colleges in USA: Masters Programs

Data science in USA is popular among international students as master’s degree courses and around 61 colleges offer this program. Some colleges also provide pre-master courses or graduate diploma courses in related fields. The duration of these is usually 6 months to 1 year.

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There are almost 20 universities providing MS in Data Science in USA or related fields. Almost half of them belong to the top 50 colleges in the world, according to QS Global Rankings 2022. Some of them have been tabulated below.

UniversityCourse OfferedDurationTotal Program Fees (in USD)
MITMaster in Data Analytics
Pre Master in Data Science
2 years172,452
Harvard UniversityMSc in Data Science, MSc in Health Data Science2 years90,100
Columbia UniversityMaster in Data Science1 year60,540
Johns Hopkins UniversityMSc in Data Science2 years112,400
Northwestern UniversityMSc in Data Science, MSc in Analytics2years109,416

Data Science Colleges in USA: Admission Requirements for MS

Academic requirement: To study Masters in Data Science in the USA,

  • Undergraduate degree in computer science, mathematics, economics or statistics with a minimum of 80% (equivalent to 3 GPA).
  • GRE scores with a minimum of 130 in verbal, 140 in quantitative and 2.5 in writing analysis.

Language Requirements: International students need to give English language proficiency test scores. Most universities accept IELTS and TOEFL scores as language proficiency scores. The minimum score requirements depend from university to university.

Documents Required

  • Official Transcripts
  • Standardized test scores required for pursuing MS in the USA.
  • Statement of Purpose for MS in US
  • 3 Letters of Recommendation (LORs) from some professionals in this or related field.

Data Science Colleges in USA: Fees for MS

The tuition fees for masters in Data Science in USA depends on how many credit hours your course has and whether it is a public university or a private university. The average tuition fees range from 18,000 USD to 40,000 USD per annum.

Data Science Colleges in USA:Doctorate Programs

Ph.D. in Data Science in USA is a research degree designed to give the masters students a deep-rooted knowledge of the various branches like statistics, programming, data analysis. It usually takes 4-6 years for an international student to complete his/her Ph.D. in Data science in USA, but the actual time taken depends on the credit hours of the course.

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Ph.D. is not a necessary degree to achieve the highest ranks in the industry. According to The Burtch Works Study – Education, 41% of respondents in the data science industry reported that they held a Ph.D., with 49% holding just a master’s degree.

However, if you want to become a Senior Data Scientist, Data Researcher, Chief Data Officer and other specialized roles, a Ph.D. will be a big boost in your CV. Also, companies that specialize in data sciences and major tech players like Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft prefer a student with Ph.D. degree.

Here are some of the colleges which provide Ph.D. in Data Science in USA:

Degree OfferedUniversityDurationFees (in USD)
Indiana University -Purdue UniversityPh.D. in Data Science3 years78,207
John Hopkins UniversityPh.D. in Machine Learning4-5 years55,350
New York UniversityPh.D. in Computer Science with Specialization in Visualization, Databases, Big Data
Ph.D. in Data Science
4 years1,34,424

Data Science Colleges in USA: Admission Requirements for Ph.D.

To pursue a Ph.D. in Data Science in USA, you would have to fulfill certain academic and language criteria.

  • Undergraduate in mathematics, computer science, or any related discipline
  • Graduate degree in Data Science, Big Data, Machine Learning or any related discipline with a minimum 85% ( 3 GPA on a scale of 4)
  • GRE scores ( a minimum of 150 is asked in most colleges )
  • TOEFL, IELTS scores (IELTS- a minimum band of 6.5, TOEFL- minimum 100)

Documents Required

  • All undergraduate and graduate transcripts
  • GRE scores
  • A statement of intent for the program (the reason for applying and future plans)
  • Letters of reference
  • Application fee
  • Online application
  • A curriculum vitae (outlining all of your academic and professional accomplishments)

Scholarships at Data Science Colleges in USA

USA is among the top 5 costliest countries in the world for international students. You can study with a fully funded or partially funded scholarship. Fully funded scholarships cover all your tuition fees and sometimes the accommodation costs too.

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However, partially funded scholarships usually have a funding limit of a particular amount. It will not provide funding over that limit and you would have to pay the excess tuition fee yourself. The government and various universities provide scholarships for international students in USA to fund their study.

Some of them are described below:

ScholarshipAwarding CommitteeAward (in USD)
ACM SIGHPC and The Intel Computational and Data Science ScholarshipsThe Association for Computing Machinery’s Special Interest Group on High-Performance Computing15,000 annually
Bill Caspar Memorial Diversity ScholarshipThe Collective, LLC10,000
CA Technologies Fellowship for WomenUniversity of VermontFull tuition fees; not less than 14,670
Daniel Larose Scholarship for Data Mining ExcellenceCentral Connecticut State University4,000 annually
Jack Larson Data for Public Good FellowshipUniversity of California-Berkeley8,500
MinneAnalytics Data Science ScholarshipMinneAnalytics1,000 to all the applicants
5,000 to the grand winner of the award.
Russ Peterson Technology ScholarshipThe CUNY School of Professional StudiesFull Funding for tuition fees.

Data Science Colleges in USA: Jobs and Salaries

The average base salary of a data scientist in the USA is 124,283 USD per year. 68% of data scientists in the USA think that their salaries are enough for the cost of living in their areas. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, USA, employment of database administrators is projected to grow 9 percent from 2018 to 2028, faster than the average for all occupations.

  • According to IBM reports after 2020the number of Data Science and Analytics job listings is projected to grow by nearly 364,000 listings to approximately 2,720,000. The fastest-growing roles are Data Scientists and Advanced Analysts, which are projected to see demand spike by 28%.
  • 81% of all data science and analytics job postings request workers with at least three years of prior work experience. The greatest demand for data science and analytics jobs is in Finance and Insurance, Professional Services, and IT; together, these three industries alone account for 59% of all DSA job demand.
  • The median annual wage for computer and information technology occupations was 86,320 USD in May 2018, which was higher than the median annual wage for all occupations of 38,640 USD. The top recruiting companies are Facebook, Genentech, eBay, Apple, Selby Jennings.

Here are some of the job roles you can apply for with your data science degree:

Job roleAverage Yearly Salary (in USD)
Data Scientist50,922-210,000
Big Data Engineer18,525-221,865
Machine Learning Engineer39,365-220,000
Business Intelligence Analyst41,685-136,000
Business Analyst35,000-135,446
Data Architect23,531-200,000
Data Analyst30,606-107,794
Data Administrator30,225-157,611
Machine Learning Scientist24,000-213,825
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At the entry-level data scientists with zero to three years of experience can expect to earn on average, 94,987 USD per year. An employee who has between four to eight years of experience may be considered a junior data scientist and can earn on average, 128,750 USD per year.

Studying data science in the USA will yield a high return on your investment with a salary range of 60,000-210,000 USD per year. Data science is one of the fastest-growing industries in the USA and is projected to grow 2% more than other job sectors.


How much does it cost to study data science in USA? ›

Tuition fees of the US universities offering MS in Data Science is around 21,000 to 75,000 USD per annum. For an Indian aspirant, an equivalent of 15 to 55 lakh INR can be estimated as the tuition expense for studying in USA. The average annual salary of data scientists in USA is 155,000 USD.

Which state is best for data science in USA? ›

Best States For a Data Scientist

Our research found that Washington is the best state for data scientists, while California and Washington are ranked highest in terms of median salary.

Is USA good for data science? ›

The USA is the most evolved and innovative market of data science in the entire world and the best place to study.

Which university has best data science course? ›

Top Data Science Colleges in India: NIRF Ranking 2021
NIRF Ranking 2021College Name
1India Institute of Technology - IIT Madras
2Loyola College, Chennai
15Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal
18Madras Christian College, Chennai
11 more rows

What are the subjects in data science in USA? ›

Course Curriculum of MS in Data Science in the USA
  • Business Intelligence from Big Data.
  • Statistics.
  • Data Mining.
  • Machine Learning.
  • Data Optimization.
  • Software Development.
Jun 13, 2022

How do I become a data scientist in the US? ›

There are three general steps to becoming a data scientist:
  1. Earn a bachelor's degree in IT, computer science, math, business, or another related field;
  2. Earn a master's degree in data or related field;
  3. Gain experience in the field you intend to work in (ex: healthcare, physics, business).

Which city is best for data science jobs? ›

Top 10 Cities Indians are Moving to for Good Data Science Jobs
  • London, UK. ...
  • Toronto, Canada. ...
  • Bangalore, India. ...
  • San Jose, California. ...
  • Paris, France. ...
  • Geneva, Switzerland. ...
  • Mumbai, India. ...
  • Berlin, Germany.
May 28, 2022

Where are data scientists paid the most? ›

However, Google has a larger range than most, as the top data scientists at Google earn $297K.

Which country is best for data science? ›

The top countries that provide the best education in data science include the USA, UK, Canada, France, Australia, New Zealand. So far, the USA has been reigning the 1st position for masters in data science.

Which MBA is best for Data Science? ›

Best Colleges for MBA in Data Science and Business Analytics
Manav Rachna University (MRU), FaridabadMBA Dual Specialization in Business Analytics2 years
Versatile Business School (VBS), ChennaiMBA Business Analytics2 years
KL University (KLU), GunturMBA Business Analytics2 years
7 more rows

Does Data Science require coding? ›

You need to have knowledge of various programming languages, such as Python, Perl, C/C++, SQL, and Java, with Python being the most common coding language required in data science roles. These programming languages help data scientists organize unstructured data sets.

Is GRE required for MS in Data Science in USA? ›

Currently, the majority of master's programs in data science offered by accredited, non-profit colleges and universities do not require GRE scores. However, there are some programs that do require the GRE and/or will accept the GRE or the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT).

Which degree is best for data science? ›

To work as a data scientist, you must have an undergraduate or a postgraduate degree in a relevant discipline, such as Business information systems, Computer science, Economics, Information Management, Mathematics and Statistics.

How much do data scientists make USA? ›

Despite a recent influx of early-career professionals, the median starting salary for a data scientist remains high at $95,000. Mid-level data scientist salary. The median salary for a mid-level data scientist is $130,000. If this data scientist is also in a managerial role, the median salary rises to $195,000.

Which undergraduate degree is best for data science? ›

Some good degree programs are an undergraduate degree or a master's degree program in a data science field. For example, a Bachelor of Science in Statistics or a Master of Science in Business Analytics is a great start.

How many years is data science masters? ›

Full-time students take two courses per quarter and attend classes two evenings per week. The full-time program is 1.5 years in length. Part-time students take one course per quarter and attend class one evening per week. The typical part-time student completes the program in 2.5 years.

How long is data science program? ›

in Data Science is a 30-credit degree program, most full-time students complete the program in three semesters (12 credits in the fall, 12 credits in the spring, and 6 credits in the fall). Students must complete the program in five years.

What will I study in data science? ›

Overview. In this major you'll develop a strong foundation in the statistical aspects of data analysis (data collection, data mining, modelling and inference) and the principles of computer science (algorithms, data structures, data management and machine learning).

Is it easy to get data science jobs in USA? ›

An increasing number of people are calling themselves data science enthusiasts today. While the main reason for the exponential growth of data science candidates is believed to be the growth in the number of data job openings, getting a Data Science job is harder than ever.

Is data science in demand in USA? ›

A predicted 2.7 million open jobs in data analysis, data science and related careers in 2020 (source: IBM). 39% growth in employer demand for demand for both data scientists and data engineers by 2020 (source IBM). An average earning potential of $8,736 more per year than any other bachelor's degree jobs (source: IBM).

What is data science course fees? ›

Data Science Course Fee

The cost of a BSc in Data Science varies from 3 lacs to 6 lacs, depending on the location and reputation of the college. The average cost of a master's degree in data science is between 20000 and 4 lacs. Depending on the institution, however, the course tuition can go up to 20 lacs.

What is difference between data science and data analyst? ›

Simply put, a data analyst makes sense out of existing data, whereas a data scientist works on new ways of capturing and analyzing data to be used by the analysts. If you love numbers and statistics as well as computer programming, either path could be a good fit for your career goals.

What are the requirements to be a data scientist? ›

How to become a data scientist
  • Earn a data science degree. Employers generally like to see some academic credentials to ensure you have the know-how to tackle a data science job, though it's not always required. ...
  • Sharpen relevant skills. ...
  • Get an entry-level data analytics job. ...
  • Prepare for data science interviews.
Jul 12, 2022

Which country pay high salary for data science? ›

Germany. In Germany, a data scientist can expect to earn up to EUR5,960 a month. Data scientists in Germany earn between EUR2,740 and EUR9,470 per year. This is the highest wage for data scientists ever.

Which company pays highest salary for data scientists in USA? ›

Top 10 Highest-Paying Data Scientist Companies
CompanySalary for Data Scientists
6 more rows
Jan 10, 2022

Which job has highest salary in world? ›

Top 20 highest paying jobs in the world
  • Data Scientist.
  • Senior Software Engineer.
  • Investment Banker.
  • Chief Executive Officer.
  • Surgeon.
  • Anaesthesiologist.
  • Physician.
  • Neurosurgeon.
Jul 14, 2022

Which country has most jobs? ›

Here, we have compiled a list of the top 7 countries for Indian tech professionals where there are ample job opportunities waiting for them.
  1. USA. Well, everyone knows that the US is the dreamland for technologists from across the world. ...
  2. Canada. ...
  3. Japan. ...
  4. UK. ...
  5. Switzerland. ...
  6. Germany. ...
  7. New Zealand.
May 31, 2021

Is data science in high demand? ›

A 2021 report by McKinsey stated that the U.S. alone has got a shortage of more than 190,000 data science professionals. Since then, the demand has grown manifolds. Diverse and long skillset required: Being a data science professional requires so much than having an ordinary knowledge of programming, or coding.

Do data scientists need MBA? ›

Professionals no longer need to choose an MBA vs data scientist degree. Many institutions offer programs tailored to this objective. Dual degree students take business administration and data science courses at the same time.

Is MBA in data science worth? ›

An MBA in Data Analysis will open many doors in the field of data analytics, which is in high demand. This field provides workers with opportunities for advancement and development while still paying well. Here is a table that lists the top 12 universities in the world, as well as their Data Analytics programs.

Is MBA helpful for data scientist? ›

If an MBA grad has modelling solutions, automating data, mining text and a sense of what good storytelling might be in data science, then data science managerial role is one of the better options for an MBA grad.

Should I learn Python before data science? ›

Everyone starts somewhere. This first step is to learn Python programming basics. (You'll also want an introduction to data science if you're not already familiar.)

How do I start a career in data science? ›

Data Science as a Second Career
  1. Obtain a bachelor's degree in data science, data analytics, computer science, engineering, mathematics or a related field.
  2. Build a data science foundation. ...
  3. Take the GRE exam (if required). ...
  4. Apply for a master's program in data science.
  5. Reach out to experts in your field.

Do data scientists work from home? ›

The field of data science is no stranger to remote work. In fact, the position of data scientist is considered one of the most remote-friendly jobs.

What is a good college GPA for data science? ›

Explain the applications, assumptions and limitations of data science models and techniques . College of Science and Technology graduate candidates must have a bachelor's degree and a minimum 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale to .

Can an average student become data scientist? ›

Engineer or non-engineer, everyone can become a data scientist with online education that offers. Don' worry, the vast majority of private trainees are people with non-IT background. In our online course program, no matter what your degree is, we teach you exactly what you need to be data scientist.

What jobs can you get with a masters in data science? ›

Job Paths
  • Data Scientist. Most highly trained data science professionals call themselves a data scientist or similar. ...
  • Data Analyst. ...
  • Data Manager. ...
  • Data Architect. ...
  • Data Engineer. ...
  • Business Analyst. ...
  • Software Engineer. ...
  • Machine Learning Engineer.

Is data science a hard degree? ›

Data science courses get increasingly difficult each year. Introductory 100-level data science courses could be a piece of cake. However, 300- and 400-level courses in the junior or senior year will be tough stuff. Graduate courses in data science are unsurprisingly the most challenging.

Which stream is best for data scientist? ›

Answer. In order to become data scientist Students are expected to complete the 10 + 2 successfully by obtaining at least 50 per cent marks from any recognised board of India in the science stream consisting of physics, chemistry, and mathematics, computer science as compulsory subjects.

Is data science a useless degree? ›

At the end of the day, data science is just a skillset , worthless if not applied to a business problem. If you don't care about that business, or just don't see how you fit in, things probably won't end that well.

What is the highest paying jobs in the US? ›

Mean Annual Salaries
  • Anesthesiologists. $331,190.
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. $311,460.
  • Obstetricians-Gynecologists. $296,210.
  • Surgeons. $294,520.
  • Orthodontists. $267,280.
  • Physicians (Other) $255,110.
  • Psychiatrists. $249,760.
  • Internal Medicine Physicians. $242,190.

Is data scientist a stressful job? ›

To put it in a precise manner, Data analysis is a difficult task. Amongst all else, the colossal volume of work, deadline constraints, and job demand from multiple sources and levels of management make a data scientist job stressful.

Who Earns More CA or data scientist? ›

According to TeamLease, a staffing solutions company, data scientists with around 5 years' experience are earning over 75 lakh per annum as compared to 8-15 lakh for CAs and 5-8 lakh for engineers with the same experience level.

Which state is best for data science? ›

Best States For a Data Scientist

Our research found that Washington is the best state for data scientists, while California and Washington are ranked highest in terms of median salary. Washington has a median salary of $119,916 and California has the highest median salary among all 50 states for data scientists.

What is the starting salary for a data scientist? ›

Data Scientists Salary Range in India

The average data scientists salary is ₹698,412. An entry-level data scientist can earn around ₹500,000 per annum with less than one year of experience. Early level data scientists with 1 to 4 years experience get around ₹610,811 per annum.

How much does Data Science course cost? ›

Data Science Course Fee

The cost of a BSc in Data Science varies from 3 lacs to 6 lacs, depending on the location and reputation of the college. The average cost of a master's degree in data science is between 20000 and 4 lacs. Depending on the institution, however, the course tuition can go up to 20 lacs.

How much does Data Science cost? ›

Data science bootcamp tuition can range from $7,000 to $18,000, so how do you decide what to budget for? In this article, we break down the costs of several popular data science schools, plus share financing options, scholarships, and application pre-requisites.

How much does it cost to learn data analysis? ›

How much does it cost? The CareerFoundry Data Analytics Program costs $6,900 (or $6,555 if you're able to pay in full up-front).

What is the cost of studying Data Science in India? ›

The syllabus of Data Science includes Programming using Python, Exploratory Data Analytics, SQL Programming, Machine Learning Techniques, etc. The fee for the course is ₹3.5 lakhs.

Which degree is best for data scientist? ›

To work as a data scientist, you must have an undergraduate or a postgraduate degree in a relevant discipline, such as Business information systems, Computer science, Economics, Information Management, Mathematics and Statistics.

Which certification is best for Data Science? ›

7 Best Data Science Certification Programs
  • SAS Advanced Analytics Professional Certification. ...
  • SAS Certified Data Curation Professional. ...
  • DASCA: Senior Data Scientist. ...
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Scientist Associate. ...
  • IBM Data Science Professional Certificate. ...
  • HarvardX's Data Science Professional Certificate.
Apr 11, 2022

Is data scientist an IT job? ›

Data Scientist is an IT enabled job

Like most IT jobs focus on helping their organization using a particular technology, Data Scientists focus on helping their organization use Data. They are experts in handling large amounts of data and are responsible for deriving business value.

Who is the highest paid data scientist? ›

Oracle pays their data scientists $154K on average, and the top data scientists at Oracle have salaries reaching $187K.

Is data scientist a high paying job? ›

The average salary for a data scientist is Rs. 698,412 per year. With less than a year of experience, an entry-level data scientist can make approximately 500,000 per year. Data scientists with 1 to 4 years of experience may expect to earn about 610,811 per year.

What is the starting salary for a data scientist? ›

Data Scientists Salary Range in India

The average data scientists salary is ₹698,412. An entry-level data scientist can earn around ₹500,000 per annum with less than one year of experience. Early level data scientists with 1 to 4 years experience get around ₹610,811 per annum.

Can I become data analyst in 3 months? ›

You can make use of the playlists to lean skills needed for a data analyst in 3 months. Remember this important point doing practical work is important than theory. Spend 20% time on theory and 80% time on implementing it.

Is Google data analytics course free? ›

The IT Support, User Experience Design, Project Management and Data Analytics Certificates cost $39 per month by subscription on Coursera. Access to the Google Associate Android Developer Certification training is free and the official exam fee of $149 is paid to Trueability to administer the exam.

How much does Google data analytics certificate cost? ›

How Much Does Google Data Analytics Certification Cost? The total cost to get the Google Data Analytics Certification is $312. The course is offered by Coursera through the Coursera plus subscription which costs $39 per month. On average it takes 8 months (8 X $39) for students to complete the course and get certified.

How many months is a Data Science course? ›

1. NMIMS Professional Certificate In Data Science
Course NameProfessional Certificate Course In Data Science
Duration6 months
Eligibility CriteriaThere are no specific eligibility criteria required. Anybody (freshers or working professionals) can access this certificate program.
Program Structure2 academic terms
5 more rows

Who is eligible for Data Science? ›

Data Science Course Eligibility

50 - 60% marks in class 10+2 exams & basic knowledge of statistics, mathematics, and programming. Check Here! Graduation in Sciences or Engineering with 50 - 70% aggregate, good knowledge of statistics, mathematics, and programming. In some cases, work experience is also required.

How many years is a Data Science course? ›

A Data Science course is a training program of around six to twelve months, often taken by industry experts to help candidates build a strong foundation in the field.


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