The Home Depot is rated "Bad" with 1.4 / 5 on Trustpilot (2022)

The Home Depot is rated "Bad" with 1.4 / 5 on Trustpilot (1)The Home Depot is rated "Bad" with 1.4 / 5 on Trustpilot (2)

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The Home Depot is rated "Bad" with 1.4 / 5 on Trustpilot (3)



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Disgusted with the service!

Disgusted is the only word! 2 months and still counting to get my washer and dryer- 27 hours of call and still waiting.. typing this review while on hold!!!!

They lost my order and keep saying it would be delivered next week, and now they said it would be delivered next month!! I mean what the actual f!!!


Very pleased with Yvonne @ the Gardena…

Very pleased with Yvonne @ the Gardena store. Explained the new buyback program and help me to get it setup on my phone. It is so pleasing during these times that we have people like Yvonne.

Wish there was a zero star option for…

Wish there was a zero star option for this crap.
We Ordered a washer and dryer a month ago, first they sent someone to deliver the products on a military base with a driver who didn’t have a valid DL, they shouldn’t even be driving at all. Then we rescheduled, this time they sent someone who is not allowed to enter a military base. Really? WT actual F. You know that the products are going on a military base then why would you sent someone who isn’t allowed to enter a military base. Then we reschedule again, this time they call us saying they will be here in 30min. 4 hours passed by no calls or nothing. I have been trying to call but it’s not going through. I’m so frustrated with this whole BS.

Bunch of crap I contacted HD on Tuesday when it…

I contacted HD ABOUT my AC unit on Tuesday when it didn't show up on Monday and was told my order was in Austin being processed. This is a bunch of BS, now I'm get a email that my order is coming between Aug 1 and the 8th. BS. Darryle Sparks


DO NOT USE THE HOME DEPOT INSTALLERS. FOR ANYTHING. EVER. AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL. you will get the run around, waste hours of your time and then probably end up canceling and going with someone else anyway. They have HORRIBLE customer service, the right hand has no idea what the left hand is doing. The store tells you to call the 800 number, the 800 number sends you to the store. Complete joke.


Horrible customer service and product…

Horrible customer service and product knowledge. Do not go to the carrier and i20 location, manager Andy and Daniel are as helpless as can be. Spent $1000 on behr one coat paint as they suggested, ended up painting 3 coats to get the coverage I need. They just basically told me to contact behr for the issues. Great job Homedepot will be boycotting you and go out of my way to be at lowes instead… I shouldn’t have to contact the manufacturer for things that you carry if you got any customer service ethics at all. Thanks for nothing…


It has been a nightmare. I had over $2000 stolen from their pro referral and after 40 emails and 20 phone calls they state no responsibility for the contractors actions. And no responsibility for leading me to him and reassuring me of his credentials. How will I ever get my money back. The contractors insurance company?

Refused to refund faulty merchandise

Sold me a bent drill bit, refused to even give me store credit for it less than 24 hours later.

I bought a dishwasher

I bought a dishwasher, it was delivered and not installed. After several phone calls and tex messages they finally called me saying that I would have to pay over $600 for the installation. The machine cost less than $600. This is nonsense. This was the first time I had this kind of problem with Home Depot. I will definitely not buy appliances from Home Depot ever again.


Do not purchase a refrigerator from…

Do not purchase a refrigerator from Home Depot. Trying to get it delivered is a nightmare. First my fridge was supposed to be delivered on July 23rd and they called me the day before saying sorry we don’t have the fridge at the warehouse we need to reschedule for next week. The following week I get a call the day before at 3pm saying it’s on the truck and will be delivered tomorrow between 7am to 11am. I think great, boy was I wrong. I get a call the morning of delivery that sorry my fridge didn’t make the truck it was misplaced and the soonest we could get it delivered would be Tuesday. What??? How unprofessional, you make me wait an extra week, then you misplace it and now I have to wait longer!! Mine you this was the 2nd time I have tried to get a fridge from Home Depot. The first time was in Jan when they damaged it during delivery and they wanted me to wait another 6 weeks. Shame on me for giving them a 2nd chance. Will not happen again!!

Thank you

Thank you, Jimbo. Jimbo is an excellent employee. He knew exactly what I needed. He's very helpful helping me choose a new dishwasher.
James the delivery guy was excellent. The new dishwasher he installed looks great! James did an excellent job installing. I appreciate both these guys. I will be buying my next appliance at home depot hands down!

Just an FYI from a very picky consumer…

Just an FYI from a very picky consumer who likes your store but does not always like the customer service and I do understand how tough that can be to provide. I had a small but aggravating issue with one of your products I had purchased and had to drive the one hour back to your store in Pace, Fl to correct the situation. Briana the salesperson at your Pace, Fl was EXCEPTIONAL in every way. Corrected the situation in a professional and courteous manner. Every store should have a Briana and I would want her representing my products in my business. CONGRATS!

i was treated very poorly by a manager…

i was treated very poorly by a manager and every time i go there it is like pulling teeth to get any help that alone competent help, i will not be return to home depot again be burned to many times


I ordered and paid for a refrigerator…

I ordered and paid for a refrigerator that was supposed to be delivered on Saturday. Here is it Thursday a whole week later and no refrigerator. And they never called me I have called them several times. I’m on the phone now and have been for 45 minutes with Home Depot who can’t find the refrigerator. They are useless. They refuse to fix the problem.

Worst delivery ever!

We had a refrigerator delivered this morning and it was a horrible experience. The 2 men were very unprofessional. They pounded on my front door like animals at 8:30 am, never calling before to let me know they’d be coming around that time. Then they banged the refrigerator around dropping it and smashing it into my houses almost ripping my siding off. I had to say something to them about how rough they were being with my doors and walls. They didn’t care. I’ve purchase tens of thousands of dollars in Home Depot appliances for my home and my rental properties and this was by far the worst delivery guys ever.

I just ordered 2 items on line for…

I just ordered 2 items on line for delivery. I wanted them delivered in a 4 hour window which is a choice given. There was an issue on the order regarding delivery and customer service could not make the change and I had to cancel the order and reorder which was done. Then on the second order the delivery times were not what I entered so I was told I had to cancel it again and reorder. Both customer service people were excellent- the problem is their on line ordering system is not flexible. Maybe we are all spoiled by Amazon, but it should be fixed so a customer can have a small change made. The customer service person made a note to the delivery company and I’ll see what happens.

Lancaster store today 7/21/2022

Lancaster store today 7/21/2022
I’ve needed 38 deck boards for 2 weeks now. 6 garbage boards in the aisle. Anyone around to ask ? Nope anyone who gives a crap nope. Oh there’s a lady no that’s a dude I think ? Excuse me, hello, excuse me louder. Oh I don’t work in this department walking away. Leave the store cause this is useless. Get home look online over 500 in stock. Your loss I’m going out of my way to go to lowes now.
Don’t expect any change.
Don’t worry I will never return to your store
I promise you that !!!!!!!!


I purchased a washer and dryer and…

I purchased a washer and dryer and noted that we live on the 2nd floor and when delivered, the delivery team stated they couldn't bring it up because it was too heavy and just took back the items and it's already been 5weeks and I still didn't get my refund. Called customer service 7 times and got terrible service, no one seems to know what's going on.

Purchased 2 storm doors in March

Purchased 2 storm doors in March. Doors never opened right, sticking and large gap in door . Door was not installed properly, no screws in door jam to hold the door. Therefore all the problems. home depot sent 2 different installers out, but the problems did not get fixed. Called again in march, and was assured that they had new installers, and they would be calling to set an appointment. I would think that since their competition is Lowe's and Menards, they would be concerned about losing business. Never buy from home depot again.

New Delivery company Needed in Miami

I ordered a refrigerator microwave washer and dryer back on May 29,2022. I never received the order because they only have one delivery company in the Miami area that are not friendly or honest. They lied and said no one was home after arriving stepping on the brakes nd then pressing the gas. The last attempt they never came into the community. Your best bet is to try Best Buy they have a professional company for delivery and I saved money on the exact order. I'm sorry I waited so long for my order and it never came through. Some customer care reps are wonderful and others and not so great.

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