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Edwin Macharia, Global Managing Partner, Dalberg Advisors (2023)

Edwin Macharia serves as the Global Managing Partner at Dalberg Advisors in 2023. In this role, he plays a crucial leadership role within the organization, overseeing its global operations and providing strategic direction.

Dalberg Advisors is a global development advisory firm that works to address the world’s most pressing challenges, including issues related to economic development, social impact, and sustainability. The firm collaborates with governments, NGOs, foundations, and private sector organizations to design and implement innovative solutions to complex problems.

As the Global Managing Partner, Edwin Macharia is likely responsible for:

  1. Strategic Leadership: He plays a pivotal role in shaping Dalberg Advisors’ overall strategy and direction. This involves identifying emerging trends and opportunities in the development sector and guiding the firm’s response.
  2. Client Engagement: Edwin may be involved in cultivating and maintaining relationships with key clients, which can include government agencies, international organizations, and corporate partners.
  3. Global Operations: He oversees the firm’s operations across multiple regions and offices, ensuring consistency in service delivery and adherence to Dalberg’s mission and values.
  4. Talent Development: Edwin likely plays a role in talent acquisition, development, and retention within the organization. He may focus on building a diverse and high-performing team.
  5. Thought Leadership: In his position, Edwin Macharia may engage in thought leadership activities, such as speaking at conferences, writing articles, and participating in discussions related to global development and impact.
  6. Innovation: Given the complex challenges Dalberg Advisors tackles, Edwin may lead efforts to foster innovation in problem-solving approaches and service delivery.

Edwin Macharia’s leadership at Dalberg Advisors is instrumental in advancing the organization’s mission of creating positive social and economic impact worldwide. His expertise in global development and his ability to drive strategic initiatives are likely contributing factors to the firm’s success in addressing pressing global issues.


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