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Comment conjuguer le subjonctif présent en espagnol ?

To conjugate the present subjunctive in Spanish, follow these steps:

  1. Start with the present tense yo (I) form of the verb.
  2. Drop the -o ending from the yo form.
  3. Add the appropriate subjunctive endings for -ar, -er, and -ir verbs to the stem you obtained in step 2.

Here are the present subjunctive endings for -ar and -er/-ir verbs:

-ar Verbs:

  • yo: -e
  • tú: -es
  • él/ella/usted: -e
  • nosotros/nosotras: -emos
  • vosotros/vosotras: -éis
  • ellos/ellas/ustedes: -en

-er/-ir Verbs:

  • yo: -a
  • tú: -as
  • él/ella/usted: -a
  • nosotros/nosotras: -amos (for -er verbs) or -amos/-amos (for -ir verbs)
  • vosotros/vosotras: -áis (for -er verbs) or -áis/-áis (for -ir verbs)
  • ellos/ellas/ustedes: -an

Let’s see some examples of regular verb conjugations in the present subjunctive:

Hablar (to speak) -ar verb:

  • yo hable (I speak)
  • tú hables (you speak)
  • él/ella/usted hable (he/she/you(formal) speak)
  • nosotros/nosotras hablemos (we speak)
  • vosotros/vosotras habléis (you all speak)
  • ellos/ellas/ustedes hablen (they/you all speak)

Comer (to eat) -er verb:

  • yo coma (I eat)
  • tú comas (you eat)
  • él/ella/usted coma (he/she/you(formal) eat)
  • nosotros/nosotras comamos (we eat)
  • vosotros/vosotras comáis (you all eat)
  • ellos/ellas/ustedes coman (they/you all eat)

Vivir (to live) -ir verb:

  • yo viva (I live)
  • tú vivas (you live)
  • él/ella/usted viva (he/she/you(formal) live)
  • nosotros/nosotras vivamos (we live)
  • vosotros/vosotras viváis (you all live)
  • ellos/ellas/ustedes vivan (they/you all live)

It’s important to note that there are many irregular verbs in the subjunctive present, which do not follow these regular patterns. You would need to memorize the conjugations of these irregular verbs separately.


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